Vineria Del Carmine featured on Jessica Zufferli (article available online in Italian here).

I wanted to dedicate some words to the fifth sense: taste. And you can understand this choice only after tasting the local produce, as Anna and I were fortunate to do while participating in a rich tasting at Vineria del Carmine. The experience, which lasted about an hour, had the taste of many years of tradition.

 First of all, it is my moral duty to talk about the two main characters in this experience, wine and extra virgin olive oil. Both have in fact an ancient origin that dates back to the Umbrians and the Etruscans.

 A Friulian and a Venetian certainly do not embarrass themselves in front of beautiful glasses of wine: so here is the list of delicious wines that we tasted.

  • Trebbiano Spoletino 2019 Umbria Bianco IGT
  • Rosabella della Chiesa 2019 Umbria Rosato IGT
  • Rosa della Chiesa 2019 Umbria Rosato IGT
  • Bell’Angelo 2018 Umbria Rosso IGT
  • Rosso del Carmine 2017 Umbria Rosso IGT
  • Il Campanile 2017 Umbria Rosso IGT

Extraordinary at least as much as wine, Umbrian extra virgin olive oil boasts a quality that has few equals in Italy. We tasted crostini of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Chiesa del Carmine to start.
Combined with this delicacy, the tasting also included truffle products with freshly toasted bread which I will talk about in a separate chapter, a selection of Umbrian cheeses and the inevitable cold cuts of cured Umbrian meats. The undisputed king of traditional Umbrian cuisine, in fact, is the pig. In one area, Norcia and Valnerina, the processing of pork is considered a real art and has been handed down for centuries, so that the sausages are called, par excellence, “norcini”.