Local Art

Truly a magical place unparalleled in beauty and ease
W.E. 28/8/18

Umbria and the local area is abundant with beautiful art. This is all specifically detailed in the many guides books of that area and there is a large selection available to use in the library.

On request we can give more detailed advice about what to visit and can organise personal or group guided tours.

Below is just a small outline of some of our favourites of the area.

Sansepolcro, the home town of Piero della Francesca. The Civic Museum holds one of his best works, The Resurrection, a large fresco of Christ stepping out of the tomb. It is a wonderful piece, and there is a story attached to it related by Aldous Huxley. During the war the British were ordered to bomb the town, as it was believed that the Germans were there. But the pilot had read that the most beautiful work of art in the world was there, and he refused to bomb it. The inhabitants have always attributed miraculous powers to the painting, and they believe it saved their town. There are a number of other works by Piero including the Polyptic of the Misericordia. The basement is also worth a visit where there is an amazing collection of beautiful old locks and keys.

Monterchi. Located only 15 minutes from Sanselpolcro in this small town is the Piero della Francesca fresco, the Madonna del Parto, the Pregnant Madonna. It used to be in a church in the town, but is now housed on its own in a small museum near the centre. You can park opposite the museum. The fresco is in a darkened room, beautifully lit, and there is another room where you can watch a video about it and Piero della Francesca.

The Galleria Nazionale in Perugia is a must on any art lover’s agenda. There are some wonderful works here including the Madonna and Child by Duccio, The Annuciation by Piero della Francesca and a triptych by Fra Angelico. The famous painter, Perugino, lived and worked in Perugia  and there are many pieces by him in the Gallery

Needless to say, Assisi is compulsory visiting. Giotto painted much of the beautiful work in the Basilica and there is large array of work by other artists.