The entire experience was absolutely outstanding and I can't recommend this place enough.
S.G. 7/10/18

Valle della Chiesa del Carmine has a long tradition of producing fine wine. In 1974, the authoritative American wine journalist, Burton Anderson wrote in the US Wine Spectator about a white wine of impressive quality from land that now falls within the Carmine Estate. We are excited to be making wine from such acclaimed territory. We are assisted by one of Italy’s finest oenologists, Giovanni Dubini, who has been awarded the coveted ‘Premio Cangrande’ at Vinitaly for producers who are leaders in their fields.

After initially making wine exclusively for our guests and a select group of local properties, we are now expanding our operations. Presently we have 6.4 hectares of south-westerly facing, close planted vines. This is composed of 1.4 hectares of Sangiovese, 1 hectare of both Sagrantino and Merlot, less than half a hectare of Cabernet Sauvignon and 2.8 hectares of Indigeno Trebbiano.

Our work in the vineyard is uncompromising and respectful of nature and our wines are made simply and traditionally. Organic farming guidelines are followed in producing them. We have low-cropped vineyards and no irrigation to concentrate the flavours of the fruit as they take advantage of the plentiful sunlight and rich, rocky soils in one of Italy’s most beautiful grape growing environments. This painstaking work and soil itself produce the complexity and natural minerality we are so proud of in our wines.

Our recent vintages of Chiesa del Carmine wines are some of the best we have produced. We attribute this to our older vines, favourable growing conditions and continued sustainable practices in both the vineyards and the winery. Recent barrel tastings of the 2022 vintage have prompted comments on the amazing aromas, lingering intensity and remarkable minerality. We believe that the hard work we have invested in the health of our soil and our vineyards is playing a significant factor in producing wines that are already receiving critical acclaim and increasingly being enjoyed all over the world.