“Their flagship wine is Trebbiano Spoletino, a grape that seems to have found a unique terroir here.”

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Vineria del Carmine is located in La Bruna, Perugia, where the restored vineyard yielded its first crop in 2013.

Their flagship wine is Trebbiano Spoletino, a grape that seems to have found a unique terroir here, in spite of being grown outside of the DOC Spoleto area. The owners were happy to bet on this variety and have recently decided to plant more Trebbiano vines in front of Vineria. A rich, clayey soil lends distinctive and remarkable mineral notes to this wine.

For the time being, the vinification processes happen in Orvieto, however, construction works to build a winemaking facility next to Vineria have already started.

The fruit is certified organic and it is neither sold to nor bought from any other growers.

Vineria is connected to Chiesa del Carmine, a few hundred metres further down the road, a 13th-century church and guest house where weddings can be celebrated. The adjacent farmhouse which dates back to the 16th-century, includes eight bedrooms and sleeps 14 people. Guests can also benefit from a swimming pool, a small vegetable garden and a kitchen.

A truffle reservoir was planted around the property and truffle hunting experiences can be arranged for guests or external visitors.

Trebbiano Spoletino vineyard – Vineria del Carmine

The tasting

Wine and olive oil which are included in tasting menus - Vineria del Carmine

Chiesa del Carmine products include wine, organic olive oil, and a selection of truffle spreads that are made by Giuliano Tartufi and labelled by Vineria del Carmine.

The olive oil is a blend of Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Dolce Agogia.

Although their Trebbiano Spoletino is not made within the DOC Spoleto area, this is a faithful expression of the grape variety. Produced in stainless-steel vats, it has a straw yellow colour as well as pleasant freshness and minerality.

Rosa della Chiesa is a rosé produced from Sangiovese grapes that are picked at the end of August in order to maintain a sharp acidity; a soft pressing process is followed by a maceration of one hour on the skins; hints of strawberry on the nose.

Rosabella is a Merlot rosé, fresh, fruity, mineral, perfect for aperitifs by the swimming pool.

Rosso del Carmine, 100% Merlot, is a fresh red that has a bright purple red colour; dark cherry notes on the nose, followed by hints of tobacco and graphite; matured in big oak barrels for a year; medium body, medium structure.

Il Campanile is a blend of Sangiovese (80%), Sagrantino (15%) and Merlot (5%); ruby red colour, velvety tannins and agreeable freshness. Very Umbrian blend of three grapes that typically feature in the Montefalco Rosso wines.

Food pairing: Chiesa del Carmine organic olive oil, Umbrian cheeses and meats, truffle spreads.

They have ambitious plans for the future: the upstairs rooms at Vineria del Carmine will become a commercial kitchen where cooking classes will be held for visitors. Looking forward to visiting again when the extension works will be completed.


Article written by Alessandro Ioni (Umbriagram)