The wines are made by the oenologist Giovanni Dubini and they’re the result of an uncompromising work that is faithful to the terroir.

The soil is rich in mineral sediments and the vineyards are south-west facing.

A constant ventilation and significant jumps in the temperature between the day and the night in the summer are key to the development of the aromas in the fruit.

Indigeno Trebbiano 2019: pleasant bouquet of white-pulp fruit and flowers. Remarkably persistent, fresh, crisp and mineral
Rosa della Chiesa 2020: notes of ripe apple and quince on the nose; full-bodied with soft tannins which accompany a good acidity
Rosabella della Chiesa 2020: bright pink colour, strawberry and vegetable notes on the nose; very approachable rosé whose tannins create a smooth texture and enhance the length
Il Campanile 2018: balsamic, fruity, robust