“What they are doing seems a little miracle”

“We have already expressed this concept a million times: our country is second to none when it comes to art, geography and fine food & wine, yet we still struggle to promote ourselves. Why is Italy only the 5th tourist destination in the world? Why do we export our wines at prices that are much lower than French or New Zealand wines? This said, the fact that a foreigner (a VIP, as someone would say) like Jeremy Sinclair, founder of one of the most important advertising company in the world, CBE, philantropist and teacher at the London School of Economic Science, decided to buy a vineyard and make wine in Italy in a place like Umbertide (marvelous, albeit hidden) is heartening. His choice of contacting a local winemaker, Giovanni Dubini (what a winemaker!), and then growing mostly indigenous varieties completes the picture. And what’s more is that, Chiesa del Carmine wines are delicious. They make a white and red (we tasted them last year for the first time and loved them both), and this year they also started to make a rosé that seems to us to be one of the best we have tried in recent years (it is meaty and complex, very enjoyable). Considering that the vines and company are still very young, what they are doing seems a little miracle. We will keep following the work of this winery as this is one of the best things which is happening in this part of Umbria.”