Vineria del Carmine was the most exceptional wine tasting we have ever experienced
W.W. 10/1/19
The whole wine-tasting experience was a delight from start to finish.
K.B. 7/20
Phenomenal views, beautiful property, lovely wines...
V.I. 17/6/20
I would recommend if you're staying in the area on holiday/vacation this is a must to visit.
S.B. 15/9/18
Even my mother-in-law who doesn't drink wine enjoyed it. I would highly recommend.
N. 8/19
The building is beautifully restored and with a cookery school on its way this is clearly the place to be!
The white wine is made from a grape that was almost on the brink of extinction and produces one of the best white wines I have ever had.
B.W. 13/9/18