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Truffle Wood

In November 2012 nearly three hectares of different types of oak, hazelnut and lime trees were planted.  The roots of these trees were impregnated with truffle spores before being planted in the meadow surrounding the church, along with five other local plant varieties in a design that will one day resemble a large park. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the walks down to the steam running through the bottom of the valley as well as throughout the estate on mapped walking tracks.  The walking tracks meander through the valley and allow guests to admire the different views of what is one of Italy’s most beautiful valleys.   Small sections of woods are felled in a controlled manner during the winter each year and the wood sold to provide revenue for the farm, but also to allow the woods to naturally regenerate, as governed by local fire restrictions.


Chiesa del Carmine had a mention in Food & Wine Magazine (Ireland).