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Olive Grove and Oil

Carmine Estate has a number of beautiful olive groves with many of the trees well over a hundred years old. The total number of trees is in the vicinity of 1100 and from these we produce the most delicious Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. In 2009 the work of bringing these trees back to full production after years of neglect was started. New trees were planted to fill in gaps where trees had died or had to be removed as they were no longer producing. More pollenators were added to help with the flowering in the spring, and the grove has been pruned back to remove dead wood and fertilized according to organic guidelines. The olive varieties within the grove are: Moraiolo, Leccino, Prantoio, Dolce Agogia and a small percentage of other varieties such as Pendolono.

We are very proud of our olive oil and have been awarded DOP status (a scrupulous quality process assessing the quality of the territory where the olive oil has been produced) and presently it is sold locally as well as exported to the UK.

During the picking season the Estate organizes alfresco lunches in the main olive grove. These lunches are proving to be enormously popular with guests and workers alike. Any help with the olive picking is greatly appreciated and we encourage guests to involve themselves in learning how the transformation takes place from tree to organic olive mill and finally to bottle.

If you would like to purchase some Carmine Estate Olive oil please contact the managers.